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What is sand tray therapy?

In our school we value every child's emotional well being and strive to understand the emotional needs of all children. We are proud to offer Sand Tray Therapy as a therapeutic approach to helping children with some of the conflicts and emotional issues they may have. 

Sand Tray Therapy is an expressive form of therapy performed with selected children at our school.

what does our therapist do?

Our therapist has received training by Jennifer Nock who is a training and consultancy agent for sand tray therapy with children. During a sand tray session our therapist will provide a range of small world figurines, natural materials, real life example objects and miscellaneous items for children to work with during their session.

Every session held by our therapist is different and tailored to the needs of the children to enable them to express their feelings and emotions. 

What are the benefits of Sand Tray Therapy? 

The main benefits of using Sand Tray Therapy within our school are:

  • It enables children to help develop their communication skills. 
  • It helps children resolve conflicts they may have.
  • It helps them gain confidence.

How long does sand tray therapy last?

A sand tray therapy session lasts for a total of 6 sessions on a weekly basis.