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Woodlands C of E Attendance

Please take a few minutes to read our Attendance Policy.

Whole school attendance

Every day counts!

Our whole school target is 95%. 

Time off Days missed Equivalent percentage 
Day 1 0.5%
Week 5 2.6%
Month 20 10%

Punctuality matters

It is important that your child is in school on time. Learning at Woodlands begin as a soon as the pupils enter.

Gates open 08.30

Registration and learning begins 08.35

Lost minutes soon add up.

Minutes lost each day  Days lost per school year
5 3 days
10 6 days
15 10 days
30 19 days


School attendance figures

Class This week  Year so far
Acorn 89.33% 93.34%
Ash 93.45% 95.26%
Beech 89.26% 92.98%
Oak 92.37% 91.21%


If you are unsure if your school is well enough to attend please contact the school office.