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School Aims

Our school aims are to - 'Reach High.' Reach high stands for:

Respect  Enable learners to have high self esteem respecting themselves, others and the environment.

Enquire  Develop an enquiring mind in the spirit of curiosity.

Achieve  Treat learners as individuals and help them to achieve their full potential.

Church  and school working together to promote and encourage a spiritual awareness.

Happy  Provide a happy, secure, caring and stimulating environment.

Healthy  Promote safe and healthy lifestyles.

Independent  Provide opportunities  to develop into confident,  independent, responsible adults who are able to make informed choices about their lives.

Greatness  Aspire to greatness through lifelong learning

HarmonTo be co-operative and live in harmony with each other appreciating their own and others beliefs and cultures.

School Implementation Plan

Please take a look at our School Implementation Plan through the link below for 2022-2023


Subject Leaders


Christian values









Underpinning our formally taught curriculum we aim to develop the Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural development of all children at Woodlands. Through assemblies, collective worship, educational visits, curriculum enrichment events and linking with other schools. We aim to ensure that children become valuable members of both their immediate and global communities.



Explore beliefs and experience; respect values; discover oneself and the surrounding world; use imagination and creativity.

As a school we believe that children need to arrive at their own personal spiritual and moral beliefs and values, through understanding and questioning. As in all other subject areas, the teaching of R.E must be related to the ages and abilities of the children being taught. No member of staff will promote one religion or set of beliefs in preference to any other and the beliefs of each child and every family will be respected.  Parents will be fully informed of their rights to withdraw children from RE lessons. However in line with the principles of SACRE, the curriculum will be structured to try and ensure all pupils will be able to attend RE teaching.



Recognise right and wrong; understand consequences; investigate moral and ethical issues; offer reasoned views.

Through our rewards and sanctions approach to behaviour or relationship issues we encourage children to reflect on right and wrong decisions. We will always discuss with a child why their behaviour may not have followed our rules. Through collective worship and in lessons the children in our school will consider both 'real life' and hypothetical dilemmas that face people in our world.


Use social skill sin different contexts; work well with others; resolve conflicts; understand how communities work.

We encourage children of all ages to work together within our school. At playtimes our Y6 playtime leaders facilitate games for others to play, encouraging all pupils to play together. Twice yearly we hold enterprise fairs where the children welcome parents and carers into school to buy their homemade gifts. As a school we support several charities each year and look at how we can have an immediate impact on other peoples lives; such as working with the local food bank and animal charities such as the PDSA & RSPCA.



Appreciate cultural influences; participate in culture opportunities; understand, accept, respect and celebrate diversity.

We encourage children to celebrate diversity within our own school community and beyond. As a school we actively participate in local events, such as Christingle, Remembrance services, Community gardening.

Examples of Spirituality enhancing activities at Woodlands are:

  • Regular assemblies led by local religious leaders with a link to Christianity and moral issues.
  • All year groups follow a Personal, social , emotional and health education curriculum that is supported by Social, emotional aspects of learning.
  • Parents and members of the community are invited to talk to the children about their lives, jobs and any other areas of interest or expertise.
  • Musical recitals by orchestras and musical groups are invited to school.
  • Other faith leaders visit and support RE teaching and learning where possible.
  • The school has a collective worship committee which is adults and pupils together.
  • School is currently in partnership with School Of Military to develop team work, communication, respect and self awareness in our oldest pupils in school.