School Council

Meet our School Council Team 2018-2019

A little bit about why we wanted to be part of School Council! 

Year 1: To be part of new things 

Year 2: To make friends with other people

Year 3: To make a difference to school life

Year 4: To listen to other children and make a difference to school life

Year 5: To help others and make a change

Year 6: To make changes to our school for the better


Our Successes! 

Image result for macmillan coffee morning
Macmillan coffee morning! we made over £300 for macmillan cancer charity!


07.01.18 - 1st meet

  • We discussed how to alter the school day and gathering the voices of other children in our year groups. So far we would like to discuss the arrangement of assemblies and the time of early morning break. 


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School Council Policy

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